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Asian Handicap Guide

However, if the match ends in a draw, your stake is returned to you. Rather than backing Liverpool to win at 2.8 in the Match Odds market, if you choose draw no bet then you will get reduced odds of 2.0. If you do decide that DNB is a bet you will place regularly then we would advise to always check the Asian handicap 0 market. Asian handicaps often have the lowest margin and the smallest overround and so, strange as it may seem, you might just get bigger odds at the same bookie for what is 100% the same bet as draw no bet. Looking at the final match above we can envisage a situation where a punter really thinks Chelsea should win. However, the Saints are maybe a little unpredictable and whilst they can lose 9-0 one week, they have also had some very good results.

You have to predict if the difference between the number of corners will be positive or negative. Depending on the spread proposed it is possible to make a distinction between “Classic HTH Corners” (1.5, -2.5, +0.5, etc.) and “Integer HTH Corners” (-1, +2, -3, etc.). You have to predict which team will have the most shots in the match.

If the player you have selected does not take part to the match the bet is void. If the player takes part in the game, and does not score any goal the bet is lost independently from the final result of the match. You have to predict that the selected player will score at least one goal during the 2nd half.

On this case, I check for absences, the strength of the home side playing at home, objectives within the competition and if they can be achieved on that match. In my opinion, they key point of this discussion is finding value in some bet. You should never think about taking a DNB line with ridiculous odds of 1.10 on the bookmakers for example. Firstly, because Botafogo isn’t one of the best teams in the league, but also because Atlético-MG is a team that doesn’t inspire that much confidence, despite being better.

There’s very little realistic chance for Banants for this clash, as the team needs to open up and try to attack – something that they almost didn’t do in the first leg. The pre-season matches went fine for them and there’s overall very satisfying opinion regarding the outcome of the new season within their club’s management. Sligo comes from a goalless game last Friday night away to Shamrock Rovers. That can be described as a very positive outcome since the home side was an almost sure favorite on the paper before the game. Partizani were a side that controlled the title race in Albanian domestic league for the most of the time, closing the title down with eleven points more than second Kukesi. With all at stake and in front of own fans, I believe Brazil will show close to their best which should be more than enough to overcome the Argentinians inside the ninety minutes.

By taking away the draw option, your selection is void if the match ends in a draw. A punter should note the first half result ends the referee immediately for the match blow its whistle, while it won’t be carried over to the second half. Meaning you are placing your bet just as the event is taking place in the second half.

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