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Well, once again the exact figures vary from one site to the next and from game to game but we did some general research looking at a number of Premier League games. Our analysis showed that the picture is fairly mixed and sometimes the overround on DNB is lower, whilst at other times the bookies’ margin is smaller on the match odds. Scroll down and you will find a header that lists “Draw No Bet”, and will only offer two outcomes for wagering against — 1 or 2.

Finding value would be tough but the Asian handicap could offer a route to success. Barcelona 0.0 would mean that the Catalan club would have to win the game for the bet to be a winner. This would be a huge game for betting fans and gambling companies, so there would be a massive number of potential bets on offer to punters.

They also have the responsibility of setting the odds which is capable of yielding profit if set correctly but can also lead to great loss to the bookmakers if not properly set. The amount over 100% is the overround, so in this instance the overround is 5.26%. Most bookies now use odds of 9/10 or 10/11 for the coin toss but they used to be far less generous and some would offer just 5/6, giving a bit overround of 9.29%.

There’s simply no real reason why the Paraguayans would stay with a competitive result for too long. It was surprising to see that since Colombians played without competitive motive but still outplayed the opponent. That’s pretty much all they needed as such an outcome brought both nations into the semifinals and could be said, it was a somewhat expected result. Although a pure Poisson approach slightly underestimates the likelihood of a draw occurring in football, requiring an adjustment, the methodology is relatively straightforward. All odds are accurate at time of publishing and are subject to change. Visit Bethard to find odds of 26/25 on Bayern Munich and 31/4 on Eintracht Frankfurt in the Draw No Bet market .

Let’s consider an example with Barcelona taking on Real Madrid. You may want to back Barcelona to win the game, but believe that a draw could be on the cards as well. In the more conventional 1X2 (three-way betting) market, you would have been betting on any of the three outcomes – a Barcelona victory , draw , or a Real Madrid victory .

Now, when you already know what a Draw no bet is, let’s list some of the top advantages of including that type of betting into your sports betting strategy. Mostly-used amid pro betting punters, who are really capable of predicting and who have shrewd betting wit. Giving negative handicap means that team you bet on will be a winner even if you mentally subtract one or more points from its end result.

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